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AP 112 Snack

Machine Information

Automatic Products 112 Snack  Machine is a late-model machine with the newest vending electronics “MDB”  The Automatic Products 112 Snack Machine has guaranteed delivery which means your items will never get stuck on the shelves which lead to customer satisfaction. The machine can accept a credit card reader and any other new items such as vend screens that tell you the calorie count of each item in the machine. It has a very sleek appearance and even has a braille keypad for blind customers.

Features Including:

  • The Automatic Products 112 Snack Machine Comes with 40 selections in a deep cabinet
  • The vending machine has a capacity of over 640 items.
  • The AP 112 Snack Machine has 20 selections of chip pastry items, 20 selections of candy crackers and 5 gum and mint selections.
  • Has guaranteed delivery system. No unsatisfied customers.
  • Dimensions: Height 72″,  Width 39″,  Depth 35″  Shipping weight 720 lbs
  • Comes with LED Lighting standard which enhanced product presentation thus generating more sales and reduces energy costs by over 70%
  • Comes with a redesigned keypad which is based on the telephone keypad. The selection buttons on the keypad are also in braille
  • Automatic Products 123 Machine Comes with rebuilt changer and validato

We Offer The Freshest Snacks & Drinks Available

At Fontana Vending Solutions, all of our vending machines are regularly restocked & are routinely / properly cleaned & sanitized. Maintenance of your vending machines are at absolutely no cost to your business, we take care of everything from top to bottom!

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