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Seaga INFC Combo

Machine Information

A valuable addition to our glass-front vending family, the INF4C is a diverse machine engineered specifically for locations with limited space and the capability of vending both beverages & food.  Health & safety compliant the INF4C is also MDB and DEX capable.

Features Including:

  • Interlock Door Construction for Added Security
  • Endura Motors Tested for Perfect Performance Over 2 Million Vends
  • Scroll Price Display
  • Height Adjustable Shelves
  • Common Components Across All Seaga Infinity Models
  • Dual Coils for Better Product Flexibility
  • High Efficiency Refrigeration
  • Side-In Cooling Deck
  • Double Pane Glass
  • Trays Configured for Wide Range of Products

We Offer The Freshest Snacks & Drinks Available

At Fontana Vending Solutions, all of our vending machines are regularly restocked & are routinely / properly cleaned & sanitized. Maintenance of your vending machines are at absolutely no cost to your business, we take care of everything from top to bottom!

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